PTScientists Moon Rover

German Space Mission to Put an End to Moon Landing Conspiracy

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Before there were climate change deniers, there were a select group of people that believed the moon landing missions were pure fabrications shot in some remote desert location or in a well secured Hollywood studio. The fact that the last manned mission to the moon took place over 40 years ago has only helped fuel the speculation as just about every international space mission has focused on distant, and much harder to reach destinations. Now with Google’s ambitious $30 million Lunar X-Prize contest, a group of German space explorers are hoping to take the prize and prove once and for all that man has indeed walked the surface of the moon.

The German group known as PTScientists has teamed up with Audi to create a rover that would meet Google’s required terms of successfully landing on the moon, travel 500 meters, and transmit back high-definition images and video, and this Audi Lunar Quattro looks as gorgeous as the HD images of space it hopes to send back.

While the landing site could be anywhere on the moon, the PTScientists team has the sight of the Apollo 17 mission zone as its target. Due to the zone being considered a heritage site by NASA, the rover will have to land a minimum of 1.24 miles away from the Apollo site and drive no closer than 200 meters. Still, with those limitations in place, the rover would still offer the closest inspection of the sight since the Apollo 17 team rocketed back to Earth in December of 1972.

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