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German Charity Says ‘No’ to Santa Clause This Christmas

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

The Christmas season may have gotten its start around the time of Halloween this year, but now that we are into the month of December, we can expect to be surrounded by that special Christmas cheer. For a catholic charity in Germany though, they want to spread a different message by saying ‘no’ to the arrival of Santa Claus in an attempt to bring awareness to the real hero of the holiday: Saint Nicholas.

Yes, they may seem like the same guy with a slightly different alias, but the Catholic Bonifatiuswerk charity wants to rid the Coca-Cola western image of the bearded gift giver.

For several years, Bonifatiuswerk has been working to rid the commercial aspects of good ol’ St. Nick in favor of promoting the importance of the Christian values and traditions. But for those who fear a Christmas without commercialism, Bonifatiuswerk will be happy to help you fill those stockings with their fair-trade chocolate bars that bear the shape of Saint Nicholas, not Santa. And what happens if you already stocked up on a supply of those godforsaken Santa Claus-shaped chocolates? Fear not — just print out the handy-dandy cut out that will transform Santa into St. Nick.

Now we can all share the magic of Christmas with peace, love and chocolate.

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Sources: Bonifatiuswerk via BBC

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