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UK Gov’t Tells Businesses How To Handle German and US Trade

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

There has been a lot of focus on UK-based businesses moving operations out of the country after the recent vote to separate from the European Union (EU), but for those who are opting to stay put, the Department for International Trade has released a set of documents that are poised to better help businesses navigate the treacherous waters of international dealings, including with the US and Germany.

one word of advice: be on time

Documents touch on the fact that Germany’s economic climate is very solid with future growth to increase an average of 1.5 percent annually for the next 20 years, but getting the foot in the door can be tricky seeing that 99 percent of German businesses are small or medium-sized family owned companies that keep leadership passed down within the family.

However, when business dealings do come up, expect the meetings to be very formal with every detail being well researched. And one word of advice: be on time.

When dealing with the US, it is a very different beast. The extreme diversity across the country leads to some unique challenges, but as a rule of thumb, UK businesses are told to be direct, straight to the point, and to expect any negotiations to be heavily focused on closing the deal.

The Department for International Trade has also released detailed guides for China, France and India, with more promised to be released throughout the next year.

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Sources: GOV.UK via London Evening Standard

Photo: Henrik Sandklef [Flickr] Modified

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