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Germany Responds to President-Elect Donald Trump

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Tuesday night’s US Presidential Election results were a nail-biter as the path to a Hillary Clinton, first woman, presidency quickly faded after Donald Trump swept the country and ultimately became the president-elect as Clinton called the candidate to concede around 2:30 a.m. The news came as a shock to those who thought a Trump victory was all but impossible, including world leaders that vocally opposed him throughout the election season. Now that he has clinched the win, those very same leaders are having to eat crow as they congratulate the business tycoon on his win, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.


Chancellor Angela Merkel released the following statement:

“There’s no country we Germans have as close a relationship with as the United States of America. Whoever rules this vast country, with its enormous economic strength, its military potential, its cultural influence, carries a responsibility which is felt all over the world.

Americans have decided that the person to carry this responsibility for the next four years is Donald Trump. Germany and America are connected by common values: democracy, freedom, respect for the law and for human dignity irrespective of origin, skin colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political conviction. On the basis of these values, I offer the future president of America, Donald Trump, a close working relationship.

Partnership with the USA remains a basic pillar of German foreign policy in order for us to meet the great challenges of our time: striving for economic and social wellbeing and a forward-looking climate policy, the fight against terrorism, hunger and disease, engagement for peace and freedom, in Germany, Europe and all over the world.”


Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier followed by saying:

“I believe the biggest challenge will be to meet the high expectations that Trump himself has created: to make America great again, also with a view to the economy, to create new jobs in the current economic environment, all that won’t be easy. Above all I hope that we aren’t facing bigger tectonic shifts in international politics.

During his campaign Donald Trump has spoken critically not just about Europe, but particularly about Germany. I think we have to prepare for the fact that American foreign policy will be less predictable for us in the future. We have to be prepared for the fact […] that America will be more inclined to make unilateral decisions in the future.”

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Sources: The Guardian

Photo: DonkeyHotey [Flickr]

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