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With No Major Challenger in Sight, Is Merkel Set for Fourth Term?

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

While election season in the US is set to wrap up in just a few hours, Germany is just getting started with their own messy election set for 2017, and despite record low approval ratings, one analyst explained to CNBC why Merkel may hold on to her position as Germany’s Chancellor for another term.

“There’s simply nobody else who could fill the chancellor’s shoes”

Nina Schick, an independent EU expert, told CNBC on Monday that it will no doubt be a messy race, and “the headline of the German election is going to be that the AfD (Alternative for Germany), the far-right populist party, is going to smash the threshold to get into the Bundestag. That in German politics is going to spook people – a far-right, populist, anti-migration party going into the Bundestag”.

Even with a potentially strong AfD surge, and Merkel’s less than favorable stance on immigration and the growing economic worries, Schick doesn’t think it will stop a Merkel re-election. “There’s simply nobody else who could fill the chancellor’s shoes,” Schick stated.

Merkel’s opponents have been very vocal about why Merkel should go, and Merkel herself has not yet announced plans for seeking a fourth term, but without a strong challenger being groomed for the position, the election could indeed be a messy one.

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Sources: CNBC

Photo: OCHA / Berk Özkan [Flickr]

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