German Environment Street Ad

Video: Model Comes to Life in this Futuristic Environment Street Ad

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment set out to make a statement on how today’s methods for transportation is doing damage to the earth while painting a brighter picture for the future. It is an obvious statement to make, but the ad agency responsible for executing the campaign needed to spice up the otherwise mundane message, and they created an interactive street ad that did just that.

Tinkerbelle GmbH, the agency behind the campaign, created an ad that features a woman luring people in and interacting with their reactions in realtime, even mimicking the persons movements. It is definitely cool, yet creepy at the same time.

And yes, there are pieces of the ad that make a statement about the environment. The model pulls herself out of the frame to expose the street where the ad is placed. Instead of seeing the road in the present though, it has been redrawn to show what it would look like in the future with a more environmentally conscious society.

It really is a sight to be seen, and while you may be stuck in your office working to afford that plane ticket to see it in person, the video will have to do for now.

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Sources: BMUB

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