Sixt Jimmy McMillan Election Ad

Sixt Taps Into U.S. Elections With This Bizarre Ad

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

With less than a week to go before we find out whether we will have a President Clinton or Trump, German car-rental giant Sixt is jumping into the race with their first major US ad campaign that takes a humorous approach, bordering more on the side of bizarre.

Instead of targeting, or endorsing, a candidate on the ballot, Sixt purchased New York politician Jimmy McMillan’s Rent Is Too Damn High Party trademark to act as the focal point of their new ad, and McMillan came along for the ride.

Sixt has been known for their wacky marketing messages in Europe, often targeting specific public figures, but when it came time to take that approach stateside, the company decided to take things safe.

Georg Baur, managing creative director for Thjnk, the ad agency behind Sixt’s election campaign, said that they “wanted to get Sixt into the political discussion in this last week of the election, but we didn’t want to get sued for using Trump or Clinton because that could be really expensive. The brand is brave, but not that brave.”

The ad campaign may not air within the mix of other political ads taking over tv commercial breaks, but the rental company will be focusing their message online, likely targeting potential customers in their roughly 70 US locations.


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Sources: YouTube, Adweek

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