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Secure America Now Depicts Germany As Islamic State in Latest Fear-Mongering Video

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

In a followup to their controversial video depicting France as an Islamic State, the grassroot Secure America Now group, which claims to be a non-party political campaign group dedicated to bringing critical issues to the forefront of debate, has targeted Germany as their latest victim.

Much like the earlier video on France, it is produced as a mock travel video set in the future when Germany ultimately becomes an Islamic State, governed by Sharia Law, thanks to the hard work of the Syrian refugees.

Popular German landmarks are altered in the video to depict the futuristic demise of the country. The Neuschwanstein castle, Cologne Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate and Oktoberfest are some of the video’s victims.

Videos like this are normally easy to shrug off as another conspiracy group fighting for attention, but its leaders reach deep into the American political system.

Some German reports point fingers at republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, claiming that Secure America Now is part of his campaign, but any connection so far is only by association.

The closest connection comes from within Trump’s campaign team via the group’s co-founder John McLaughlin, but Secure America Now has often criticized the candidates policies.

Secure America Now - Islamic State of Germany - Neuschwanstein Castle Secure America Now - Islamic State of Germany - Brandenburg Gate

Despite claiming to be a non-party group, the individuals who run the operation include some prominent republican names. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and senior diplomat John R Bolton, a man Trump has expressed interest in naming Secretary of State should he win, sit on the board. Even Pat Waddell, McLaughlin’s partner in co-founding the group, has tossed his liberal association aside to criticize his party’s nomination of Hillary Clinton for president, and has expressed his belief that Trump will win the election by a landslide.

What Secure America Now hopes to achieve with their latest set of international videos, aside from its obvious fear-mongering propaganda, is hard to see. The group claims to have started as a reaction to President Obama and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s support of the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero, and after defeating the plan, they carried forward with protecting the United States from future attacks.

The closest connection could be that Germany and France are close allies to the United States, and among the European countries playing host to the large number of refugees, they are two that have faced deadly attacks by islamic terrorists. German press, most notably RTL and Bild, still want to point the finger at Trump, but despite the connection, the evidence just isn’t there.

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