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Arachnophobes Watch Out, Two New Spider Species Move Into Munich

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Just in time for Halloween, two spider species originally confined to Mediterranean regions have been discovered setting up shop in Munich, and they have found a way to adapt to cooler climate, which will definitely be putting arachnophobes on high alert.

Over the last few years, the zoropsidae and yellow sac spiders have slowly made the migration north, and have found warm spots in homes to survive the cold winters.

Both of the spiders pack a poisonous venom, but their appearance is bigger than their bite. The zoropsidae, which is the largest of the two, does not bite, but the yellow sac spider will if it feels threatened. If it does attack with its venomous bite though, there is little cause for concern. It’s bite is comparable to a bee sting, and shouldn’t cause any serious damage unless one is allergic to its poison.

So on your next trip to Munich, make sure you do a sweep of the room after checking for those other creepy crawlers known as bed bugs.

Zoropsis Spider

Zoropsis Spider

Yellow Sac Spider

Yellow Sac Spider

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Sources: The Local

Photos: isamiga76 [Flickr], rankingranqueen [Flickr]CheepShot [Flickr]

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