Merkel Supporting Syria Refugees

Is Merkel Really to Blame for Refugees in Germany?

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

There has been a lot of finger-pointing at German Chancellor Angela Merkel over her welcoming more than 1 million refugees into the country since 2015, and while the leader has faced a backlash around the world, one data analyst looked at some key numbers and suggests that in reality she may have had little effect on the migration of asylum seekers.

the closest that we can get without the positive or negative emotions

Many of our own readers have jumped to conclusions about Merkel’s actions, calling for her exit, or in some case far more extreme consequences. But are these hostile feelings being directed properly?

We may never know exactly, but right now data trends are the closest that we can get without the positive or negative emotions directing our belief. The data published by Zeit Online, with the help of Herbert Brücker of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) in Nuremberg, may just give us that closest look yet.

In an attempt to remove my personal bias from the equation, I have decided not to provide a summary of the collected and analyzed data, and instead encourage all of our readers to visit the link to the original reporting.

I do not believe the findings will change the minds of those who are on either extreme, as data alone is not enough to prove an argument. There are still things said, and actions taken, that data just cannot take into account. What I do believe is that the data can help us form a more polished understanding, and remove some unknowns from either argument.

This is a topic that will not go away in the coming months, or even the coming years, so I highly recommend the article.

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Sources: Zeit Online

Photo: Adam Brown/Crown Copyright

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