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Germany’s Ambitious Plan To Ban the Gas Engine by 2030

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

When Germany announces a shakeup in the auto industry, the world listens. So when the country’s upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat, passed legislation to effectively ban the sale and manufacturing of all gas and diesel-powered vehicles by 2030, it is about to put some serious pressure on car manufacturers globally.

After that date, Germany will only allow for the manufacturing of battery-powered, zero-emission, vehicles and it is hoping to persuade the European Union to follow in its footsteps to make this a requirement across Europe.

All of the ‘Big Three’ car manufactures, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, have announced their own plans to phase out gas-powered vehicles over the next decade, but if other companies want a shot at the European car market, they are going to have to follow suit.

The 2030 plan only appears to effect the sale of new vehicles at that time, giving those who have purchased a gas or diesel ride between now and then a little breathing room. How long the reliable set of traditional gas stations stick around though is the main issue for those pre-2030 drivers.

Car manufacturers outside of Germany that are not required to manufacture zero-emission vehicles will want to think hard about meeting the 2030 goal nonetheless. Anyone living in Germany, or even within the EU nations should they follow suit, will most definitely be buying the electric vehicles, giving those who make them the upper hand.

Can Germany change the law globally as a result? The 2030 plan may not be implemented directly around the world, but seeing as Germany is the third largest auto manufacturing country, producing more cars than any country in Europe, it will make a lasting impact either way.

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Sources: Spiegel, Ars Technica

Photo: Tekke [Flickr]

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