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Reunification: Merkel Asks Germans to Know Their History Amid Protesters

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced a crowd of protesters as she attended a ceremony in Dresden on Monday, marking the 26th anniversary of Germany’s reunification, and her message in response to the event was quite simple: understand your country’s history.

The number of protesters outside of the ceremony was believed to be in the hundreds. Some of the protesters held signs reading “Merkel Must Go”, while others used their voice to shout out their complaint, criticizing the German leader’s unwavering refugee stance.

Over the weekend, Merkel issued a statement surrounding the country’s reunification celebration, calling out those using the chant “We Are the People”, a slogan that was once used by East German protesters. While she agreed that it is important to reach out to those that feel they no longer have a voice, Merkel challenged Germans to take time to look at their history, especially the time surrounding the country’s reunification.

Merkel stated that this understanding of German history is crucial to create the proper base for the country’s future.


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Sources: Reuters, AP

Photo: Metropolico [Flickr]

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