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ISIS Recruiters Set Eyes on Refugee Children in Germany

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

In a new report issued on Wednesday, children in German refugee camps are increasingly becoming prime targets for ISIS recruiters, hoping to take advantage of the innocent minds that can become instruments for large scale attacks in the region.

Most of the children are believed to have been approached while away or separated from adult supervision, and according to the German interior ministry, it is believed that the kids “are being recruited with money and false promises”.

“being recruited with money and false promises”

While a majority of refugees fleeing into Germany are doing so with honest intentions of living out a good life, it has also opened up opportunities for Islamic terrorists to enter the country without much notice.

The exact number of ISIS recruits living in Germany is hard to calculate, but conservative estimates have the numbers between 500 and 1000. With the recruiters setting their eyes on children though, it may create a new set of headaches for law enforcement.

Children are automatically seen as non-threats to most people, and if caught, laws place much looser penalties on children offenders. That, along with the ease in which they can be manipulated, undoubtedly makes them a desirable target for ISIS recruiters.

Does this mean all Germans should start seeing, and treating, refugee children as terrorists? While it is a credible threat, the likely percentage of young refugees that would be ISIS recruits is barely one percent. At the same time it doesn’t mean the threat isn’t there, but providing a hostile and unwelcoming environment is one of the largest assets to those looking to recruit.

In its recent warning, the interior ministry offered the following guidance: “It is the task of the whole of society to protect refugees in Germany from any hate propaganda and to enable refugees to enjoy rapid integration in Germany and thus avoid ceding any further ground to the Salafis.”

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Sources: Daily Mail

Photo: Hendrik Wieduwilt [Flickr]

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