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Hop Aboard This 8-Minute Flight From Switzerland to Germany

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Catching a short one or two-hour flight already seems like a waste when you can spend at least that same amount of time going through the hassle of airport security and a lengthy boarding process. Lets not mention the agonizing customs line when flying internationally. We often put up with it, accepting it as just part of the process, but would you be willing to do it if the total flight time of the trip was shorter than the walk to your gate? One Austrian airline hopes you will.

Total flight time? Eight minutes!

Austria’s People’s Viennaline announced that it will soon begin offering the world’s shortest international flight when it begins flights from St Gallen, Switzerland to Friedrichshafen, Germany. Total flight time? Eight minutes!

While the two cities are quite close to each other (13 miles), Lake Constance sits in the middle, leaving people with either an hour drive or an even longer hour and twenty-minute ferry ride.

This new flight will make it a breeze, that is if you want to ignore the airport hassle, and the upside is that the airline is at least not gauging its passengers too much with a ticket price of only €40 ($45).

Flights, accommodating up to 50 passengers, will begin taking off on November 2 and will run Monday through Friday with two flights a day.

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Sources: People’s Viennaline via The Guardian

Photo: People’s Viennaline

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