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Schools Find Relief After ‘Marzipan Blackmailer’ Arrested in Kiel

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Early Monday morning, police arrested the 38-year-old man suspected to be the ‘Marzipan Blackmailer’ who had sent poisoned marzipan hearts to at least one German school in a blackmailing attempt against the popular retail chain Coop.

Coop was told that if the company did not fork over 3 million euros ($3.35 million) in bitcoin, he would keep sending poisoned goods to area schools, causing a scare for parents.

The Reventlou school in Kiel is the only school to have fallen victim to the “Marzipan Blackmailer’ when a message was received on Tuesday, stating that poisoned marzipan hearts were placed around the school yard. Then on Friday, the suspect sent another startling note stating that explosives were placed at three schools around Kiel, causing a number of school evacuations.

Thankfully the poisoned hearts did not have a life-threatening substance, but it could still produce some health problems, so while police believe the threat is now over, the public is still being on the lookout for any traces of the poisoned goods.

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Sources: DW

Photo: crowbot [Flickr]

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