What Are Germans Willing To Give Up for €1 Million? The Not So Sexy Truth

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

YouGov released results of a new survey done in Germany that asked people what they would be willing to give up for €1 million, and while the question may be silly, it gives us a peak into the dirty, or not so dirty, lives of Germans.

Alright now, enough with the tease, you want to know what the most popular result was so here it is: 36 percent of those asked said that for €1 million, they would give up sex for an entire year! That’s a stiff price to pay for some extra wads of cash in your pocket, but then again, for some people it may be a simple task… not all of us are gifted with the joys of a sexual adventure at least once a year. Sad.

No sex for a year
No license for a year
Undesired Sex

What else was on the list? 27 percent felt that giving up their driver’s license for a full year was an acceptable exchange, and 19 percent would have sex with someone they do not like. Uh… are blindfolds allowed?

Fewer people were willing to take a hit to their health, with 7 percent being alright with dying three years early and even 1 percent willing to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Crazy!

Die three years early
Permanently Confined to a wheelchair

There you have it. Useless study about a hypothetical? Maybe. But which of those things would you be willing to shed for a nice million?

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Sources: YouGov

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