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Early Signs Show Terrorism Threat May Be Weakening Oktoberfest Turnout

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Germany’s most famous party, Oktoberfest, will be kicking off in Munich this Saturday, September 19, and while the event is expected to draw crowds in the millions, recent terror threats appear to be having a significant impact on the 17-day festival, despite previously announced security measures.

The German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) is saying that they are so far seeing a noticeable impact on bookings for this year’s Oktoberfest season, with a 10 to 15 percent decrease.

It’s not just DEHOGA that is seeing the downward trend in interest, as popular figures are doing their own damage control, according to a report by Express.

“I know what terrorism is, this is not it”

Christian Springer, a comedian who also runs Orienthelfer, an organization helping people in the Middle East, stated: “I know what terrorism is, this is not it in Munich. In Munich you have to be afraid of other things: that you could no longer pay the high rents; that you do not get a nursery place.”

Several weeks ago it was reported that security would be on high alert at Oktoberfest with a substantial increase in law enforcement on the grounds and that a strict ban on backpacks or bags larger than 3 liters.

While it is understandable how some may see such a large event being a desirable target for terrorism, it is often the events or place people don’t suspect that are victim to large-scale attacks. Nevertheless, it is always important for people to be aware and cautious, but terrorism isn’t just about an attack — the attacks are to spark a greater fear or terror that disrupts entire populations. So if you can, go party and don’t forget to leave your bags at home.

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Sources: Express

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