12-Year-Old Gets Head Start on Driving to See His Oma & Opa

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

While news of kids driving years before they can get a legal license is not new, but what one 12-year-old boy in Germany accomplished when he couldn’t wait any longer to visit his Oma and Opa is quite the feat.

On Thursday evening, the boy,  with his 13-year-old friend riding shotgun, set off on a 200 kilometer (124 miles) journey from Limbach-Frohnau, a town in the state of Saxony, all the way to the Bavarian town of Bamberg.

The distance alone is a hefty trek for someone that age, but doing so via the high-speed Autobahn is quite remarkable.

After a safe arrival, both his parents and police were notified of the journey. Thankfully for the boy, he has escaped any legal charges as he is under the age of 14, but surely his parents will have some disciplinary actions in mind.

Punishment or no punishment, the boy got his wish in the end as he was allowed to spend the night with his grandparents he missed so much.

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Sources: Metro

Photo: eltpics [Flickr]

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