The Most Bad Ass Speed Camera Hits German Roads

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Motorists speeding down the Autobahn (yes, it is possible) may soon meet their match with what has to be the most bad ass speed trap out there, and if anyone tries to tamper with it, they will lose the fight.

The Enforcement Trailer, devised by Germany’s own Vitronic, an industrial automation and traffic technology company, is being touted as the next generation of speed enforcement and surveillance.

built with road rage in mind

So what makes this bad boy next generation? The Enforcement Trailer (can someone come up with a more menacing name?) can drive autonomously, is fixed with lasers to simultaneously measure cars across all lanes, has built-in WiFi to update changing speed limits based on time of day or type of vehicle, and that is just for the normal speed-trapping operations.

Vitronic built the Enforcement Trailer with road rage in mind. All of its transporting mechanisms are retracted into the heap of metal until someone with proper authority tells it to get up, and if someone gets clever and finds a way to move it, it will sound an alarm to law enforcement, along wth its location.

It was even built for the toughest of angry drivers, as a fully armed attack won’t have much of a chance with its bulletproof shell. All that’s missing is some firepower and this thing would be set to take over the world.

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Sources: Vitronic via Car Advice

Photo: Vitronic

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