Ouch! Nudist Swimmer in Southern Germany Has A Painful Encounter With Fisherman’s Hook

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

When a nudist went for a brief swim in the Kaisersee in southern Germany, becoming a piece of bait for a fisherman was probably the last thing on his mind, but when he felt a sudden pain in his groin, he faced the painful reality of that very scenario.

At first Herbert Fendt, who is using an alias for obvious reasons, thought that he found himself tangled in some seaweed, but it didn’t take long before he saw the hook piercing through his penis and an attached line leading to the shore.

Fendt cried out “do not pull, do not pull” as he was terrified that the fisherman would think he caught a fish and reel him in.

The fisherman expressed little sympathy for his new catch, putting the blame on Fendt for swimming in an unofficial swimming lake. I don’t know about you, but swimming lake or not, I’d sure as hell share some sympathy. The thought just makes me cringe.

Removing the hook was no easy job either, as a doctor had to carefully remove it and clean the wound. Thankfully Mr. Fendt is expected to have a fully healed penis in a few weeks.


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Sources: Daily Mail

Photo: Sascha Pöschl [Wikimedia]

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