Car Assaulted With Sausage In Germany

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Watch out drivers, the next person you piss off might have a sausage concealed away in their glove box, ready to attack at a moments notice, and its ready to do some damage. Okay, I may have injected some sarcasm there, but no joke, a sausage was used as a weapon in Germany over the weekend.

Neubrandenburg police were called out Saturday evening to break up a heated argument where an innocent looking sausage had been turned into the weapon of choice when a 49-year-old man did not approve of the parking maneuver being done by a 47-year-old driver. Yes, these are two full-grown men.

After a shouting match ensued, the angered 49-year-old whipped out his 30cm long sausage and slammed it up against the car, leaving a 1cm dent.

It’s hard to believe that such a small sausage could do any damage, which police are beginning to believe was enhanced by a piece of metal at one end of the meat.

Charges against both men are currently being pursued by police.

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Sources: Daily Mail

Photo: cyclonebill [Flickr]

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