Berlin Designers Bring Fashion to the Streets… Literally

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Most of us walk over them everyday, not putting any thought into their possibilities, but for a group of fashion designers in Berlin, the cast iron manhole covers that are scattered around our roads became a new source of fashion that allows for some very unique pieces of clothing and accessories.

Raubdruckerin was able to forgo the traditional printing equipment and instead head to the streets with just a frame, some cloth and paint to produce their one of a kind fashion pieces. Taking the process to the street also acts as one of the greatest forms of advertisement for the young company.

raubdruckerin 2

Because the ink used on the manholes is easily washed away, what Raubdruckerin is doing is considered street art and not graffiti. Once absorbed onto the fabric though, the paint is made to last through numerous wash cycles.

As of now, Raubdruckerin has designs from four major cities on sale — Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Paris, and are available in the form of t-shirts, hoodies, gym bags and tote bags. There is not yet an option for international shipping, but if you know someone in Germany, tell them to send one your way.

raubdruckerin 3
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Source: Raubdruckerin
Via: Interesting Engineering

Photos: Raubdruckerin

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