6 Must Watch German Commercials From July

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

We’re back at it with another month’s worth of German commercials to wet your appetite. I watched one, or maybe twenty, too many commercials to bring you six of the best from the month of July, but here you have it.

There’s a little something for everyone this month with animals, emotions and nudity! (I put that one at the end to give you plenty of time to find a private viewing space)


Toyota: Everlasting Love

Toyota likes to claim that their cars are built to last, and when they do, this ad shows that one mans car can go so far back that it holds a lifetime of memories. There’s one problem though… Toyota still wants to sell this old man a car… they don’t make money off your 40-year-old ride. This ad is a sweet way to tell someone to buy a new car already.


Deutsche Telekom: Andrea Bocelli

Deutsche Telekom wants to show off their vision of a connected Europe, promising a network that will strengthen ties between its countries and people, and they have Andrea Bocelli to sell the idea, which if anything just adds some sexiness and class. The only question is, does Brexit exclude the UK from the connected Europe?


EDEKA: “Der Panda hilft”

Last month Netto brought us shopping cats, but this month EDEKA is at it with friendly panda’s as your friendly shopping helper. Before you rush to the “me too” animal commercial conclusion, there is a purpose for the panda — the grocer is advertising their private label products that are environmentally friendly products that support the WWF, hence the panda.


DEVK: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

How do you make selling insurance fun? Have a lion on the loose at a zoo that can only be tamed by the soothing voice of an insurance salesman singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Yeah, sounds cheesy, but its tipping the humor scale slightly.


McDonald’s: 40 Jahre Royal

Love it or hate it, McDonald’s is worldwide, but sometimes that classic menu item you love in the U.S. is nowhere to be found when you stand in that oddly familiar line in Germany. Looking for a Quarter Pounder? Oh yeah… the U.S. uses different units of measurement, so look for the Royal — its the same thing. What does this have to do with the ad? Nothing aside from it being an ad for the Royal and it’s 40th anniversary.


Diesel: Obsession

Alright, we promised nudity, so nudity we shall provide. What’s one way to sell jeans? Show a crowd of people wearing nothing at all and one man that is willing to risk his life to keep them on. This ad is very very NSFW!

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