The ‘BratWurst Bot’ Is Here To Invade The Grill

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Until today, I held onto the hope that when the world becomes controlled by robots my bratwurst would not fall into the tight gripping hands of the world dominating machines, but that bright future has faded now that the “BratWurst Bot” is here.

The FZI Research Center, at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, showed off their bratwurst grilling robot at the Stallwächter Party in Berlin, where it grilled and served more than 200 sausages without the help of a human grillmeister.

Just as you would come to expect with any human behind the grill, or at least one that knows how to properly handle some sausage, the “BratWurst Bot” can identify the visual cues of when the sausage needs to be turned and can even find and fill empty grill space when it needs to load up a few more sausages.

It will even plate your meat for you and tell you to enjoy your meal in a calm manner that is most likely a cover.

Maybe I can learn to live with my robotic grilling competition for now, but I’ll be sleeping with one eye open waiting for the day in which this robot flips over to the dark side.

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Sources: QuartzFZI

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