Oops, Elderly Woman Fills in €80K Crossword Art at Nuremberg Museum

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

While on a senior citizen outing to Nuremberg’s Neues Museum, one woman, at the ripe age of 91, found herself itching to fill in an answer to a crossword which happened to be a piece of art on display that is valued at €80,000 ($89,000).

The installation was a 1965 piece by avant-garde artist Arthur Køpcke titled “Reading-work-piece” and featured the phrase “insert words”. Obviously the woman took that as an invitation to fill in the puzzle when one of the clues asked for the English word for “Mauer” (wall).

At first it would be easy to call this an act of stupidity, as we should all know better to keep our hands to ourselves in a museum, but according to the leader of the group outing, the museum was full of art that encouraged interaction, making it easier to mistake this piece that itself included a call to action.

The woman is technically under investigation, but no reprimands are expected, as it is just protocol for the insurance claim. Luckily the museum believes the art piece can be restored, albeit with a sign that reads “Do Not Complete”.

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Sources: BBC

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