No, These Men Aren’t Pregnant, They Just Love Their Beer Belly

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

We all know what can happen when a man’s love affair with beer goes too far… that belly is going to turn into your own private keg that just keeps growing. While most beer companies would like to turn a blind eye to the growing effects of their brew, Bergedorfer beer decided to embrace it in one unusual ad campaign.

Bergedorfer beer wanted to show a more realistic side of their customer base, and teamed up with German advertising firm Jung von Matt to find a way to make the beer belly sexy.

The result? Men posing with their oversized bellies as if they were pregnant… mimicking some popular celebrity baby bumps.

While it may not be ‘sexy’, it is artistic and it turns the often negative image of the beer belly into something that customers might feel okay embracing, and carries the tagline: “Brewed with love”.

Check out all of the ads below

bergedorfer-beer-pregnant-outdoor-print-386000-adeevee bergedorfer-beer-pregnant-outdoor-print-386001-adeevee bergedorfer-beer-pregnant-outdoor-print-386002-adeevee
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Sources: Adweek

Photo: Jung von Matt via adeevee

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