German Children Introduced To Real Life Story of Syrian Refugees In New Book

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

There is no doubt a mixed reaction to the refugee situation in Germany, with many voicing out against the open border policy that has seen more than 1 million refugees entering into the country, but when it comes to explaining what is happening to children, an author decided to create a book that tells the real life story of two refugee children.

“telling a story of a genuine family would give them a chance to learn what it was like”

Kirsten Boie wanted to find a way to help German children understand the situation a little better, and in a way that wouldn’t make them see their fellow classmates, despite maybe appearing a little different, as any other kid around them.

“Everything Will Be Alright” was written under the recognition that children fall somewhere in the middle of the debate on whether or not the acceptance of refugees is a good thing. Boie told Public Radio International (PRI) that in terms of the information children get, “Some parents speak about refugees badly, some say something different. So I thought just telling a story of a genuine family would give them a chance to learn what it was like.”

And the story told comes straight from the two refugee children themselves, which took Boie on a journey into their lives over the past year to tell a story that she hopes will allow German children to relate to the refugees instead of providing a more violent or painful account, which may have been easier to dig up.

Boie went into more detail on the creation and inspiration of the story during an audio interview with PRI, which we recommend listening to whether you are for or against the refugees.

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Sources: PRI

Photo: Jan Birck

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