This German Supermarket Made the Ultimate Viral Cat Video

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

The internet wouldn’t be the internet if it wasn’t for the obnoxious amount of cat videos, yet with that feline internet abundance, one German grocery chain was able to make a viral cat video in 2016 and the effort that went into making it happen is equally noteworthy.

Cats may have nothing to do with shopping, but that didn’t stop Netto from reaching out to ad agency Jung von Matt to make it work with an ad that finds cats shopping in a miniaturized store. Their efforts paid off though as the video quickly went viral with almost 6 million views.

Today it would be easy to make the entire video with special effects, but that is not the case with this video. The ad was shot over a three day period with 15 cats. According to director Brian Lee Hughes, 99% of the spot is real, telling Fast Company that in terms of CG effects, “only the lower jaw of the shocked cat, the lower jaw of the ‘no no no’ cat, and the grumpy cat smile at the end were digital.”

Check out the behind the scenes video as well to see what it took to make the cats steal the show!

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Sources: YouTube, Fast Company

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