Check Out This Young German Barista’s Impressive Latte Art!

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

While most of us have grown accustomed to getting our coffee fix by rushing through a drive thru, there is an under-appreciated art form to be seen in our caffeine fix, and Daniel Gerlach, a 27-year-old barista from Germany, has shown what is possible by wowing many with his latte art, even earning him the title of Germany’s World Latte Champion.

Gerlach has spent countless hours perfecting his latte art, and while his teddy bear and floral patterns are impressive enough, his skill really shines with his signature mirrored swan, which helped him earn his championship title.

While he had hoped to walk away with the World Latte Art Champion title, which was awarded to Umpaul of South Korea this past week, his dedication to perfecting his skill deserves recognition.

Making sure his craft is as fine-tuned as possible doesn’t come cheap though. Aside from spending several hours each day frothing up practice lattes, Gerlach went through 40 gallons of milk in his first two weeks of “barista bootcamp” leading up to the final championship event. That’s in addition to his €12,000 ($13,666) espresso machine.

Daniel Gerlach Latte 02

To see Gerlach in action, check out the video in this link. Just a small warning though… it may make you a little less excited about your next drive thru coffee fix.


Source: TV Touring, The Local
Photo: TV Touring

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