German Carpenter Invents On-Off Switch For Sperm

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A carpenter in Germany has invented a device that he claims will offer a temporary vasectomy for males by implanting an on-off switch that controls the flow of sperm and he’s ready to test it out on subjects other than himself… any volunteers guys? (For all of our male readers, I apologize in advance, as this article may make you slightly uncomfortable)

Clemens Bimek is not a doctor, nor does he play one on TV, but when watching a documentary on contraception more than 20 years ago, the idea to implant a sperm control valve came to him and decided to venture out to create such a device, which he is naming after himself.

Bimek approached numerous doctors with his idea, but many didn’t take him very seriously. “But there were some who encouraged me to go on tinkering and helped me with their expertise,” he said.

And thanks to a willing urologist, Bimek had the procedure done on himself, while under only a local anesthetic so that he could assist the surgeon.

While the urologist admitted to Der Spiegel that the Bimek procedure is seen as being preferable to a traditional vasectomy, other doctors aren’t so sure about the procedure’s long-term effects and what prolonged sperm blocking could do if the device was left on for extended periods of time.

Bimek switch

Did we mention the valve is turned on and off like a light switch in the scrotum? Don’t worry about accidentally deactivating it either as there is a safety switch you’ll need to press first.

The valve is expected to be implanted in 25 more men for a trial later this year.


Source: Bimek, The Telegraph

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