Kraftwerk’s ‘Roboter’ Covered By German Schoolkids Is Chillingly Adorable

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Roboter School Kids

YouTube is home to cover versions of just about every popular song ever created, and then some, but every once in a while one will stand out from the masses. When Lars Reimers’ classroom of first graders at Mainz’s Lemmchen Grundschule performed an adorable, yet chilling, cover of Kraftwerk’s 1978 song “Die Roboter”, it became one of those standout YouTube covers.

The song is from the group’s album The Man-Machine and centers around the unnerving potential of robots one day replacing humans to run the world. It is that message that makes this particular cover with school children that much more chilling. With the translated lyrics containing the verse “We are programmed just to do / Anything you want us to do”, it brings out a new perspective the nearly 40-year-old song.

Despite its oddly unnerving nature, the video is also quite adorable. Each of the 16 children perform their part in homemade robot costumes made out of cardboard boxes, and while the song may be about mindless machines, the video is still full of life thanks to the natural rebelliousness of the young performers.

So we’d like to know, did the video make you smile or did it give you the chills instead? Maybe it was both. Let us know in the comments.


Source: YouTube

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