$20M Settlement Reached in Beck’s Packaging Lawsuit

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

becks beer settlement

The two-year legal battle between Beck’s and its American beer drinkers came to a close on Tuesday when the German brewery agreed to a $20 million settlement for its deceptive packaging that made it appear as if its beer sold in the States was still being imported from Germany instead of its actual origin of St. Louis, Missouri.

When Anheuser-Busch InBev, the brewery’s owner since 2002, decided to cut costs and brew the famous German beer in St. Louis for the U.S. market, consumers were none the wiser as the packaging still emphasized its German origin, even calling attention to the point that it was being made under the “German Purity Law of 1516”.

While there is nothing false about the claim, the packaging hid its “made in the U.S.” origin where most consumers would never see it… often on the bottom of the case.

The problem is that many who purchased Beck’s beer in recent years did so under the impression that they were buying an imported beer and as a result did not question the import-pricing that came along with it.

Beck’s has since changed their U.S. packaging to make its U.S. origin more prominent, but for those who purchased the beer prior to the change, they may be eligible to receive up to $50 from the settlement. Those without a receipt can qualify for a maximum payout of $12.

Claims must be filed by November 20, 2015 via the website www.becksbeersettlement.com


Source: Associated Press

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