Revisit the Hits of the 80’s with Modern Talking

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Remember songs like, “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”, “You Can Win If You Want”, “Cheri, Cheri Lady”? Yes, you are right. That’s the guys from Modern Talking, the #1 German band of the 80’s! And you can experience the best hits of the 80’s live again this summer in Los Angeles!

Here a short flashback: Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen, the successful duo, formed the group Modern Talking in 1984 only to split up a few years later in the mid-1987. Both artists then went separate ways and invested time in their own projects. Bohlen formed Blue System another German pop group, and Anders started a solo career.

After a short reunion in 1998 they decided to split up for good in 2003 shortly before the release of “The Final Album” a compilation album with all the duo’s singles. Since then Thomas Anders has been engaged in his solo career and many other projects.

If you had been waiting to hear Thomas Anders with his Modern Talking Band in a life concert again, your wait is finally over! Experience the most unforgettable hits from the 80’s this summer! Thomas Anders will give his Los Angeles Debut Concert on August 15, 2015 under the stars at Starlight Amphitheatre.


Ticket sales started April 1st, and you can buy yours here!

WHAT:  Thomas Anders & Modern Talking
WHEN:  August 15, 2015
WHERE: Starlight Bowl Amphitheater
1249 Lockheed View Dr.
Burbank, CA 91501

More information at



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