German Basketball Team Faces Relegation To Lower Division After Slow Windows Update

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

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We all know Germans have a reputation for being punctual, and apparently when it comes to the ever so popular game of basketball in Germany (hint: sarcasm intended), punctuality is everything. After a professional German basketball team delayed their game by a whopping 25 minutes, thanks to the equally popular sport of installing the latest Windows updates, the home-team is facing potential relegation to a lower division.

A match between the Chemnitz Niners and home-team Paderborn Baskets was set to begin on time at 7:30 on March 13, but the laptop that powers the arena’s scoreboard crashed minutes before the game was set to begin.

Patrick Seidel, the general manager of the Paderborn Baskets, explained to the German newspaper, Die Welt, that trouble started once the laptop was rebooted. “When we booted it again at 7:20pm, it started automatically downloading updates. But we did not initiate anything.”

Despite going on to win 69-62, losing team Chemnitz was allowed to protest the game due the official German basketball rule stating that the maximum delay for a game is 15 minutes. Paderborn was penalized a point in the leagues standings, which put the already struggling team in a position to be regelated to a lower league.

Paderborn recently won an important game that might save them from the demotion, and an appeal has been filed since the delay was caused by technology trouble, but it may be a wise decision for the team to invest in a backup machine for the future.


Source: arstechnica, BGR
Photo: Intel Free Press (modified) [Flickr]

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