Harry’s Takes On The Big Boys With Their German Engineered Razors At A Fraction Of The Price

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Harrys Hero

Sometimes the hottest innovations are those that improve on an already existing product or service that has become so commonplace that most people don’t realize the need for change. Most of these changes come with technological advancements, but some are just a simple change that has you going, “why didn’t I think of that?”

And that is what seems to be happening in the world of shaving. For years the razor industry has been dominated by just a few large corporations, mainly Gillette and Schick, and it has become an industry that is known to gauge customers with high-priced blades. Dollar Shave Club came onto the scene with a catchy ad and razors that appeared to be more reasonably priced, but there is another player on the scene that is trying to compete against both players.

Harry’s came into existence in 2013 to offer a great shave at a fair price. At first it sounds like just another cheap competitor that can’t stack up to the big boys, but in just two years, Harry’s has shown that they are taking the fight seriously.

Harrys Factory

So why am I writing about a razor company on a site dedicated to German and German-American news? Harry’s wanted to make sure their blades would hold up against the competition and instead of outsourcing the manufacturing, they bought one of the best razor blade manufacturers in the world, Feintechnik, located in Eisfeld, Germany.

With the purchase of the German factory, Harry’s is able to control the entire process, from grinding the high-grade steel used to make the blades to sending them to your door (Harry’s only sells online). More than four hundred German engineers, designers, craftsmen, and production workers help make Harry’s the only vertically integrated shaving brand in the world. As a result, they are able to sell their razors for about half the price of the leading compeition.

Harrys Cost ComparisonHarry’s blades start at just $2 per blade when you order a pack of four, but go for as low as $1.56 when you opt for the 16 blade package. Compare that to Gillete, Schick, or even Dollar Shave Club and you are money ahead.

While this all sounds good in writing, does their claim hold up? Does quality German engineering make a difference for razors? Harry’s sent us a kit to test their razor for ourselves, which I have reviewed and will be posting soon.


Source: Harry’s


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