German Student Recreates Michelangelo Masterpiece From 98,304 Legos in 10 Days

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

LEGO Creation of Adam

Its not unusual to take on odd jobs when making it through college, but what one student in the German town of Duisburg has decided to do could be considered crazy by some. Mehdi Ghiassi is tasked with recreating artistic masterpieces out of Lego bricks under the pressure of a very tight two-week deadline.

Ghiassi’s passion is usually comic book illustration, but branching into Lego art, as he told The Local, allows him to “do something that has not yet been done”.

Late last year he completed work on his version of Michelangelo’s famous ‘Creation of Adam’, albeit on a much smaller scale of two by three meters, using 98,304 Lego bricks. What is more impressive is the time it took him to complete the work of art.

In order to meet his two week deadline, Ghiassi had to lay one Lego brick every three seconds as he worked ten 16-hour days. That allowed him three days to then disassemble, repack, and ship the masterpiece to the purchaser. If he did not meet the strict deadline, the cost of the nearly 100,000 Lego’s would not be refunded.

Ghiassi commented on the hard work and sacrifices made to get the job done, telling The Local that he would sleep about four hours a day and only eat or shower when he could. “You lose track of yourself unbelievably quickly,” he said. Handling the small bricks, which have sharp edges, also led to some very cramped fingers by the end of the ten days.

LEGO Napoleon Bonaparte

Once his Michaelangelo recreation was completed, he went on to complete a replica of French artist Jacques-Louis David’s ‘Napoleon Crossing the Alps’ with the same number of 98,304 Legos and two-week deadline.


Source: Joseph Kuhr, The Local
Photo: Joseph Kuhr

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