German Man Uses Speed Camera As Romantic Tool To Propose

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Germany’s use of speed cameras is seen as nothing but a pain in the ass for German drivers, but one man found a way to use them to his advantage, turning it into a creative tool to propose to his girlfriend.

Christian Breier had routinely talked about getting married with his girlfriend Anja, but she had given him one stipulation, “he’d have to think of a cool way of proposing.”

When a driver is caught speeding by one of the speed cameras, police will send a photo of the person driving the car along with the speeding notice that is mailed out. Knowing this protocol, Breier got the idea to craft a sign that read “Willst du mich heiraten?”, which translates to “Will you marry me?” and got ready to do some law breaking in the name of love.

It may sound like a fairly easy task, but it took five tries before he got the speed camera to activate. If he kept within 6mph of the speed limit, there would only be a fine of €15 and no point penalty on his license. Going 15mph over though would see the fine increase to €80 and a point on his license. So he opted to try for the lower fine.

When Breier was finally able to trigger the camera in the town of Merseburg, just outside of Leipzig, officials recognized the stunt he was trying to pull off. While it could’ve been seen as an abuse of the law, those working that day had a moment of kindness and played along, sending a larger than normal photo when they sent out his ticket.

Yes, the kindness only went so far and Breier did still receive the €15 fine.

When the notice arrived at Breier’s home, Anja was the one to open the envelope and quickly caught on when she found the photo of her love holding up a marriage proposal. In the end the small breaking of the law was worth it when Anja responded with a “yes”.


Source: The Telegraph

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