Chain of German Rollercoaster Restaurants Add Extra Amusement to Food Delivery

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


Food and roller coasters aren’t usually a recommended combination, but in Germany a chain of restaurants has found a way to combine the two while hopefully not upsetting the stomachs of their customers.

Rollercoaster Restaurant opened their first prototype location back in 2007 in Nuremberg, and while the name might suggest a bunch of upset stomachs would be in order, customers don’t actually ride any roller coasters themselves. Instead, once their meal is cooked, the kitchen places the dish on a cart that is sent along a roller coaster that ends right at the customer’s table.

It was an immediate success, despite being located in an industrial zone and not an area you would typically find a restaurant.  With continued success, the first franchise was opened 3 years later in Hamburg, and since then has expanded into two more German markets as well as locations in Kuwait, Sochi, and Abu Dhabi.

Rollercoaster Restaurant wasn’t the first to the amusement restaurant idea, but they have been able to find obvious success with their patented system. So the next time you’re in Germany, it may be a fun new stop to add onto your tour. Expect to wait a while to get a seat though as some locations are known to have waits of an hour or more.


Source: Rollercoaster Restaurant, The Telegraph
Photo: Rollercoaster Restaurant

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