BuzzFeed Brings Cat Videos and Quizzes To Germany With Localized Site

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

BuzzFeed Germany

Hate it or love it, BuzzFeed has taken over the internet with its viral content, seeming to mainly consist of cat content and quizzes you never knew you needed to take. While the American site has captured audiences around the world, BuzzFeed launched a localized site for German audiences, who may or may not have a sense of humor.

BuzzFeed launched on Thursday with an event in what else but a Berlin cat café. In its early months, the site is going to focus on what it knows best; cats and quizzes. However the plan is to expand to cover more lifestyle and lighthearted news.

Visitors to the German site right now will still find a large selection of content already found on the original English site, but BuzzFeed has stated that this will not always be the case. Of course content on the original BuzzFeed site that pertains to Germany will always find itself to the localized German site.

When asked about the lack of original content so far, Scott Lamb, BuzzFeed’s vice president of its international division told DW, “We already have a sizable Germany-based readership on the English-language site, so we want them to feel like they’re getting BuzzFeed plus original content on the German side.”

German is the fourth language BuzzFeed has decided to rollout, with English, French, Portuguese and Spanish coming before.


Sources: BuzzFeed Germany, DW

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