German Short Film Dealing With Homophobia In Pro Football Makes Waves

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

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Earlier this month, director Dennis Dirksen released his crowd funded short film/music video dealing with the issue of homosexuality in Germany’s professional football (soccer) clubs, and since making its YouTube debut, it began going viral in the country. “Der Tag Wird Kommen” (“The Day Will Come”) is a fictional story, but it has already opened up the difficult conversation among football fans and clubs.

The 7-minute film is driven by a powerful song performed by indie musician Marcus Wiebusch to create a gripping story about a gay football player’s struggle with coming out to his teammates and whether or not he can handle coming out in public to be the first openly gay player on a German team.

Throughout the film, the issue is compared to the previous struggles of women’s rights and the desegregation of blacks, and comes in strong with the refrain “And the day will come when we all will raise our glasses, float through the ceiling, celebrate the one by raising a toast. Of the first one who makes it, the bravest of all, the first one who makes it. This will be the day when we celebrate love, the liberty and life since everyone loves who he wants, and the rest remain silent. A day, as if we won, this day will come.”

However in the film, the gay footballer feels defeated as he leaves his life where he could once be open and finds himself needing to put on a mask to hide his true identity as he becomes a pro player (“One will do it, but it won’t be me”).

While the film suggests that German football clubs discourage the coming out of any gay players due to the unwanted hype and alarm, German Football Association (DFB) President Wolfgang Niersbach formally addressed the video with a statement saying that the organization would fully accept any player that decides to publicly come out. There are currently no openly gay players in the DFB.

Not all of the attention to the video has been positive though. The homophobia that the short film addresses has shown to still be an issue in some cases with people claiming that there has been an increase in anti-gay rhetoric in football stadiums since the films release.

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In the films emotional ending, these homophobic individuals and groups are called out with what may be the films most powerful set of lyrics leading to shots of fans from the country’s most popular clubs standing together to make a positive change.

All you homophobic idiots, all you stupid haters
All you forum full writers, all you desk offenders
All you lousy little minds with growth pains
All you that quote from the bible with hate in your hearts
All you officials with the common denominator
All you hard herd animals
All you real men
Come together and form a front
And then see what comes


Source: YouTube, HRC, Outsports

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