Top German University To Drop Use of German Language in Master’s Courses

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Technical University of Munich

Since its founding in 1868 by King Ludwig II, Germany’s Technical University of Munich (TUM) has become one of the top Universities in the country, and now it will soon become the first major university in Germany to drop the national language in favor for English in all of its master’s programs.

The decision was made last month when German scholars held a discussion about the relevance of the country’s language on a global scale and concluded that publications written in the English language were sometimes the only ones that were taken seriously.

TUM president, Wolfgang Herrmann, spoke about the decision to phase out the German language in all master’s courses by 2020 saying “English is the lingua franca in academia and of the economy”.

Of course there are many critics of the university’s decision, with both students and politicians questioning the motive behind the plan.

Johannes Singhammer, a member of the German Parliament, wrote a public response to Herrmann accusing the university of turning it’s back on the national language. “It would be the wrong signal to send if the impression was given that German was no longer suitable for technical studies and ready to be discarded on the scrap-heap of former high-level languages.”

Close to a third of the master’s classes at TUM are already taught in English, but removing all German-language courses have some worrying that it will have a huge impact on the business world across Europe, which uses German as one of the main business languages.


Sources: The Telegraph
Photo: © Astrid Eckert / TU Muenchen

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