German PhD Student Needs German American Interview Partner

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A PhD student from Ludwig Maximilians University Munich is currently here in the U.S. and is searching for German-American interview partners for her field work.

For her PhD project about German-American descendants in the U.S., Christiane Bauer is looking for interview partners, who would like to talk about their relationship towards their German heritage, and their self-perception as German, American, and German- American. One or both of the parents of the interview partner should have come from Germany to the U.S. after 1945.

The interview will focus mainly on everyday as well as family life, language, culture, customs, and traditions. It will be audio-taped and last about 90 minutes.

The results of the interviews will contribute to Ms. Bauer’s research and excerpts of the interview transcript might be published in order to receive a PhD. The interviews will increase the knowledge about the last German mass migration to the U.S. and the forming of diverse and hybrid ethnic identities among migrants and their families.

If you are interested in participating in the project please don’t hesitate to contact Christiane Bauer for further information about the project itself, the interview process, or with any other questions.


Contact Christiane Bauer at:
E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: 718 219 3626


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Photo: Sascha Kohlmann [Flickr]

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