Crowd-funded Online News Site Looks To Bring Serious News Back To Germany

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


A group of 28 German journalists recently set out to launch a brand new online news magazine, Krautreporter, to combat the tabloid-style journalism that has plagued the news market in Germany, and after one month have raised enough money through crowd funding to make their goal possible.

Supporters, looking for a news site that wasn’t filled with trivial stories and advertisements, pledged over 900,000 euros ($1.2 million) to make this vision a reality.

According to Krautreporter, the site will only publish about four stories a day to provide an in-depth look at the most important stories. There will be an emphasis on making sure the news stories are deeply reported and only provide the necessary details needed to grasp what is going on in the world.

Krautreporter isn’t the first in the online news business to try an approach like this though. Several startups, including in the United States, have formed to accomplish a similar goal of bringing true reporting back to the news.

With no advertising though, Krautreporter is taking the more difficult approach of making the site subscription-based. In a world where people are used to getting their news for free online, getting someone to pay 5 euros a month may not be all that easy.

Only time will tell, but people are beginning to wake up to the fact that today’s news media isn’t doing their job and Krautreporter is now adding themselves to the list of companies looking to see that change.


Sources: Krautreporter
Photo: Krautreporter

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