You’ve Heard of Green Eggs & Ham, Now What About Green Sausage & Sauerkraut?

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

green sausage

When Werner Gropp confronted his friend Markus Hinterberger, 27-year-old butcher from Bavaria, to make his sausage invention a reality, the idea was seen as somewhat crazy. Gropp had just returned from a trip to Japan and discovered a green tea powder called Matcha that he quickly discovered a love for and wondered what would happen if he combined it with his love for sausage?

The result was a bright green Matcha flavored Weißwurst that has seen both positive and negative critiques. Some locals see it as an outrage to make such a drastic change to the classic sausage. Others, once they tried the green sausage, changed their minds.

Hinterberger commented on the unique flavor in an interview with The Local, saying “Matcha has a slightly tart note to it… But it’s about the mixture of flavours between the Weißwurst and the Matcha. You just have to try it.”

Before deciding to sell the uniquely flavored sausage, both Gropp and Hinterberger realized that what they created could be a hit, so they went ahead and patented the recipe.

Once the press picked up on the strange flavor and food combination, the two Bavarian inventors began receiving requests from Japan and other European regions to purchase rights to make their own Matcha Weißwurst.


Sources: Heimat Zeitung, The Local
Photo: cyclonebill [Flickr] (modified)

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