Germany’s Winning Streak Status; 2014 Looks Good!

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Although the country may not have created as much buzz as the United States or the United Kingdom last year, Germany is poised to make worldwide domination this 2014, thanks to the brewing advancements on all facets. In the country’s infrastructure there was news that the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which was touted as Berlin’s “ill-fated” airport, is slowly resolving its issues and is expected to be done by 2015. Two years ago, it can be remembered that the opening of the airport was put on hold, mainly because of the discovered 66,000 problems.

To start this year off on a good note, below are some of the current progress and successes that will sketch Germany’s winning streak this 2014.



Economic Growth

In the economic facet, Corinne Gretler of Bloomberg reported that the country has scored the longest streak of German stocks since September 2013. Analysts attribute this improvement to the consumers’ confidence in the euro. Citing a report from the European Commission, Gretler wrote that confidence in the euro rose to minus 9.3, from the recorded minus 12.7 last February.

Meanwhile, a separate report from Reuters revealed that Germany “pushed the euro zone’s recovery,” giving added potential towards a more fruitful 2014. Considered as Europe’s largest economy, Germany experienced a growth of 0.4%, mostly due to the continued increase in capital investments and exports.



Gaming Industry

The gaming industry in the country is showing no signs of a downturn. In 2013, Newzoo said that compared to 2012, Germany felt a 5% increase in game revenue, which constitutes to a large 50% chunk of the German market’s digital revenue consumption. In the global gaming scenario, these significant improvements brings a 5.5% total increase to the country’s overall revenue. To keep the numbers increasing this year, game developers once again convened in Cologne, Germany for the annually held Game Developers Conference, where plenty of innovations in gaming software arise.

Today, some German personalities have managed to successfully snag big gaming companies as their sponsors. Early this year, the IMA International Trade Fair for Amusement and Vending Machines tapped into Paul Gauselmann, a German entrepreneur and the man behind the internationally-acclaimed Gauselmann Group, as the face of their brand. During the IMA 2014, Gauselmann and his team presented new products and technical innovations, mounted with futuristic designs and brilliant colors.

Even in online gaming, Germans have managed to take the lead in capturing the top brands as their sponsor. Partypoker, which was given a 7.46-rating of more than 114,000 by Cards Chat members, has signed professional German poker player Marvin Rettenmair as one of their ambassadors. Apart from representing the brand on real poker events such as the World Poker Tour (WPT), Rettenmaier’s duty as an ambassador includes joining online tournaments and blogging about tips and techniques on the Partypoker blog.




E&T reported that the Hannover Messe 2014 will showcase the latest improvements in technology, which revolve on one central theme – “integrated industry.” The expo, which will be held on April 7-11, will feature seven flagship fairs, including Research & technology, IndustrialGreenTec, and Energy, among others. There will be an exhibition of new sensors being used in space, camera-mounted vehicles for planetary explorations, and new satellite modems.

Last January, the International Congress Center in Munich, Germany hosted the 11th Wearable Technologies Conference. One of the most notable developments that shook the country was the Alert Shift, a jersey equipped with wearable sensors that give users a feel of how professional players behave during a game. It’s designed to measure five key sensations: Adrenaline, Exhaustion, Despair, Pressure, and Impact.




This year’s 9th Annual Sport&EU Conference will be hosted by Cologne, Germany on June 26-27, 2014. With a theme entitled “Sport Systems and Sport Governance in Europe,” it will happen together with the end of the 2014 Brazil World Cup. With various speakers coming from the sports community and the German Sports University, this year’s conference will discuss on topics such as theoretical approaches on sports systems, policy and law-related debates, and the role of the government and the non-governmental organizations in major sport events.

Meanwhile, German players at the recently concluded Sochi Winter Olympics became the talk of the town when the country led the gold medal count in the early days of the competition. USA Today attributed this success to the players’ dominating performance in all events, wherein the country was able to garner four gold medals instantly.



With all the recent achievements and future expos and conferences, Germany sure has a lot on its sleeve, ensuring its position as one of the world leaders. For sure, there are many more opportunities that will surface, especially that 2014 is just warming up.



Icons: Piggy Bank designed by Adriano Gazzellini, Video Game Controller designed by Vardan Stepanian, Microchip designed by Mister Pixel, Football designed by james zamyslianskyj via Noun Project

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