“Pixelschatten”, Now Available For US Download, Captures Today’s Social Media Generation: Our Review

By Kirsten Solberg on Email

Pixel2_Pixel (Ben Gageik) teases Lutz (Adrian Thomser)

Paul (Ben Gageik) who goes by the name Pixel online has found himself searching for the next chapter in his life, as all of his friends have started college and are trying to do soul-searching of their own.  Pixel convinces his friends to participle in his video social media blog Pixelschatten to document their lives and the town they are from.

Pixelschatten began as an innocent video blog, documenting Pixel’s life, friends and town but quickly turned into an obsession. We follow the group of friends through their journey of day-to-day life, celebrations and coping with Pixel’s obsession to film their every move. As his blog begins to gain a following, Pixel begins to push the envelope regarding his boundaries with his friends by exploiting their lives. During one particular blog post does he realize that he may have gone too far?

Director Anil Jacob Kunnel has done a beautiful job at showing how social media can become an overwhelming obsession and how it can make or break friendships. It also shows how friends come together in time of need.  I really enjoyed the aspect of film that really shows how today’s society treats social media. Some people use social media as their outlet to the world to show their entire lives and expose themselves as much as they can. Some people even do go above and beyond to expose their friends just as Pixel does in the film.

Pixelschatten is now available to rent or download for the first time in the United States via Amazon Instant Video.

Grade:  B+

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Kirsten Solberg
Kirsten Solberg resides in the Chicagoland area where her passion for film production is a part of her daily life. When not focusing on film she enjoys volunteering, spending time with friends and family and enjoying the game of hockey.