To Those Who Think We Are Audi: Thanks For the Laughs

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


It isn’t often that I take the time to write some commentary here on German Pulse, and believe me, the amount of crazy emails we receive could warrant a whole series on this site.  We generally just laugh off some of the most outrageous emails, and sometimes I just scratch my head wondering what was going through someones mind.  However, today I think we hit a peak when it comes to head-scratching emails, so I figured what the heck… I might as well have a little fun.

On Monday we posted an article about the newly released commercial for the Audi A3 that will be running during the Super Bowl this Sunday.  Everyone has a different sense of humor and since the article wasn’t intended to be an outlet for me to discuss whether or not I myself found the ad funny or not, I stuck to only providing info about the spot and what is was about. You know… that thing called journalism.

I should also note that Audi did not pay us to write about their ad and we have no financial interest in the car company.  This goes for any article that runs on German Pulse – we never have and never will accept money or gifts to post a sponsored article.


Anyways, to the point of this editorial…

Apparently there are quite a few people that read our article and believed that (1) German Pulse is Audi, (2) German Pulse created the ad (I am flattered and while I do create commercials this wasn’t one of them), (3) we were paid to promote the ad, or (4) we have something against Dobermans.  I hate to break it to you guys, but none of those points are true… the first one being the most comical.  Come on people… open your eyes or at least take a second to think about why Audi’s email address and website would include

One of the most concerning emails came from someone at the Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue, in which the apparently agrevated individual believes that I or Audi should “just shoot the idiot that did the ad.” Sort of sends a mixed message: Help dogs but shoot people.


Below are some of our favorite responses:

Not only is your ad very offensive to all us Doberman owners and Doberman rescue groups, it also will make it even more difficult to raise the donations we need to continue our rescue programs. And I don’t think the Chihuahua people appreciate this either. Dobermans are very loyal and sensitive dogs and usually not so hyper as little Chihuahuas are.

This commercial is not funny!!  What a sick mind it took to create this. Oh, and by the way, I am in the market to purchase a new car for my wife, and now I know it will definitely not be an Audi.

You guys owe Doberman Owners and  the Doberman Rescue People around the world an apology. Ralph M.


That ad is sickening. Do any of you realize the stigma dobermans must overcome. Shame on your company and Sarah mclaughlin. Ann J


Can’t believe any professional writer or creative person would willingly be associated as you. I never thought you were associated with Audi, except as one of their misguided marketing decisions.  They made a mistake in hiring someone like you.  I equate you with the like of Mike Vick, as far as both being insensitive ignoramuses. Change the h to k in your last name and that would describe you. Must have been tough growing up with that stigma. I have see so much cruelty perpetuated by man to animals, yes I believe shooting would be too good for some of them.  But in your case, perhaps that might be a bit extreme.  You probably just need to be taken out behind the woodshed and have your ass whipped.  Probably a better lesson in journalistic responsibility. Ralph M.


So once again, thanks to everyone for brightening our day with some outrageous emails.  There is nothing wrong about being concerned for the reputation of Dobermans, but some people just need to take a deep breath and use some logic.  Oh, and taking some time to laugh at the little things in life will help reduce some of that stress in your life.  However if you must express your hatred towards Audi and the commercial, try contacting Audi… I’m guessing they know who made the ad.

/ End of rant

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