German and Czech Researchers Discover Poop Compass In Dogs

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Dog Pooping

Have you noticed that your dog prefers to relieve itself while facing a certain direction? Apparently it isn’t the view that is attracting your furry canine. Instead, it appears that dogs will do their business along a north-south axis based on their own internal compass.

A team of ten German and Czech scientists studied the poop patterns of 70 dogs, consisting of 37 breeds, to see if there was a correlation with the Earth’s magnetic field (MF).  This strange study may not be as random as it may seem as a variety of other animals align their bodies to the MF of the Earth during certain behaviors.

At first the results didn’t appear to show much of a connection, but once minor natural misalignments of the MF were weeded out, the researchers discovered that the dogs were in fact aligning themselves with the north-south axis during pooping and during urination the male dogs preferred facing northwest.

With these findings, the researchers also believe that it is this internal compass that allows dogs to find their way back home over a distance of several hundred miles.

So the next time you let your dog out to do its businesses, pay attention to the pooch’s pooping position.  If the Earth’s MF isn’t out of whack, chances are your furry friend has found its ultimate comfort spot along the north-south axis.


Sources: Frontiers in Zoology, NBC News, The Local
Photo: holisticmonkey [Flickr]

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