The 5 Most Popular Articles on German Pulse in 2013

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

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We are approaching the end of another amazing year at German Pulse and we have been happy to bring our readers the latest news and trends in the German and German-American communities.  As we look ahead to 2014, we are thrilled with some of the new additions we will be bringing to the site, include a great new project going into production early next year.  This is only the beginning!

With the holidays approaching, we will be taking some time off through the end of the year to enjoy the season and spend time with our families.  So to end the year, we are highlighting five of the most read articles on German Pulse from 2013.  You might just find that you’ve missed one of our greatest stories of this year.

Once again, thank you for making this a great 2013, and we wish you a happy and safe holiday season. We’ll be back with new content on January 2, 2014, but we will still be on our social media pages during this time, so be sure to follow us there!


1. “How German Sounds” Video Goes Viral, But Does It Accurately Depict the Language?

How German Sounds

Over the last week I have watched the “How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages” YouTube video by the Copy Cat Channel cropping up on news sites small and big.  The entire concept of the video is to show the German language as being harsh compared to others such as English, Spanish, Italian, and French.  While it is meant to be a satire, it seems some of the larger news organizations treat it as an accurate depiction of the German language. Read the full story


2. Are Germany’s 2014 Winter Olympic Uniforms A Sign of Bad Fashion Taste or a Political Statement?

German 2014 Olympic Uniforms

As soon as Germany revealed their official uniforms for their participating athletes in the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the internet went ablaze with speculation on whether or not they were making a political statement against the recent “anti-gay” legislation passed in Russia.  Others wondered if Germany has completely lost their sense of fashion.  So which one is it? Read the full story


3. Documentary Covering Lost Story of Jamaican German Town Begins Screening Tour This Friday In Chicago

Numerous sections of the United States that once saw a bustling German-American population have without a doubt shrunk in size, and while it is disappointing to those of us that want to embrace our heritage, the decline is nothing compared to that seen in Seaford Town, Jamaica.  The upcoming documentary, German Town: The Lost Story of Seaford Town Jamaica, is hoping to capture the story of this declining group of German-Jamaicans before they are forgotten forever. Read the full story


4. VoXXclub Shows You The German Way To Do A Flashmob


Flashmobs, where a large group of people come out of the woodwork in a public place to give a spontaneous musical number and then disperse, aren’t anything new and have been around since 2003.  Chances are you’ve seen a few of these making the round on YouTube or have been a part of one, either as a performer or spectator.  But have you seen one done German-style? Read the full story


5. Grade School German Sex-Ed Book Dropped Due To Explicit Imagery

Wo kommst Du her / Buch / Illustration

Since 1991, the German publishing house Loewe Verlag and the family planning group Pro Familia has sold their popular sex education book titled “Wo kommst du her?” (“Where Do You Come From”) to grade schools across Germany.  The book, which is targeted to students as young as 5 years old, came under fire recently when parents of some first-graders at a Berlin elementary school discovered the sexually explicit images throughout the book and felt it went too far for kids of that age. Read the full story



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