VW Shows Off Ultimate Driving Playlist That Stays In Tune With Your Driving

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

VW Play the Road

Have you ever spent countless hours coming up with the ultimate driving playlist?  Maybe you’ve put your music on shuffle and just hit the jackpot with music that perfectly fit your driving.  Volkswagen has teamed up with the electronic group Underworld, who also was responsible for the London Olympic opening ceremony music, to create an app that will create the ultimate driving music every time you start your engine.

VW’s Play the Road iPhone is designed to plug in to the Golf GTI to generate a stream of music that fits with your driving behavior.  The engine, steering, and acceleration data from the GTI and the iPhone’s GPS are all used to make a one of a kind musical experience for each trip.

As you pick up speed the music will shift to a faster beat, and when the GPS signals you are driving through the countryside, subtle sounds such as birds will be placed into the soundtrack.  The result is quite incredible, and in order to get a sense for what the app can do, we’ve included some YouTube videos that show it off better than words can at the end of this post.

So when can you start immersing yourself in your very own driving playlist tuned to the car? You’re going to have to wait a while.  Due to safety concerns, most likely the fear that drivers will be tempted to drive faster as the music picks up, the app is not being released to the public just yet.


Sources: VW, The Verge, Creative Bloq

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